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Welcome to the website of our Scoutgroup!


Our group is named “Stamm Roland von Bremen” and we belong to the biggest German scout-organization, the DPSG (Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg) which has about 95,000 members nationwide.

“Stamm” means “tribe” and  that’s the common way German scouts (no matter which organization) call their local groups.

Our tribe has abt. 40 active members in 4 age-sections:

age 7-9: Wölflinge (Cubscouts)

age 10-13: Jungpfadfinder (young scouts)

age 13-16: Pfadfinder (scouts)

age 16-20: Rover (Rover & Rangers)


Whenever you are around doing some scout-stuff or just visiting Bremen, let us know by sending us an email to dpsg.roland@gmail.com or leave posting on our Facebook-page – would be great to meet you during your visit!

We are located in the City of Bremen, in the Northern part of Germany - zoom in to see where we meet for our groupmeetings!

If you want to learn more about the DPSG in general pls check http://dpsg.de/com/what-we-do.html